COVID-19 has affected millions of lives across the globe as of now, bringing the world to a standstill with everything being shut down. Amid these crises, personal vehicles have become the most important thing you own. Although unnecessary travel has been discouraged and public transport has completely shut down, people might still travel to get to work, general stores, pharmacy, or even the hospital. Chances are, your vehicle might break down, and you might need us.

This is why we are open during the pandemic. But, how are we taking the precautions to protect our valuable workforce and customers? And what should you do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe?

Social Distancing
As advised by the government of Canada, social distancing is of utmost importance.

This is essential to protect people who are highly vulnerable, especially the elderly of Canada, people with underlying health conditions, and people with compromised immune systems. With limited traveling, there is less need for towing. However, if your vehicle breaks down during an important trip, there are some precautions to follow while requesting help.

What If You Need Roadside Assistance
We equip our drivers with a COVID-19 kit, including masks, sanitizers, and gloves.
-Avoid touching your face and eyes.
-Disinfect your tow truck after every trip.
-Wash your hands after each trip.
These are some of the precautions you as a passenger, or the driver should take.      Prime Time Towing Ltd. is taking regular safety and health measures to ensure the safety of our employees as well as our clients. Many of our employees, especially office administration, are working from home. And on roads, our drivers are well aware of the necessary precautionary measures they need to take to protect themselves and our customers.